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Francesca Howell

September 2010

'Mother Warming' - Traditional Postnatal Acupuncture

The Postnatal period generally refers to the six-weeks following childbirth. During this time the body starts to recover and to return to the way it was before pregnancy. In our society there can sometimes be an assumption and an expectation that a woman will feel completely recovered after this six week period. Many women would recognise that it can take much longer than this to feel 'back to normal'. Some women find that it can be a struggle and experience low energy, depression and can have continued physical issues.

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August 2010

Pre-Birth Acupuncture - Preparation for Labour

I came to learn more about Pre-Birth Acupuncture from reading Debra Betts who is an acupuncturist working in New Zealand. I have learnt a lot from her book ‘The Essential Guide to Acupuncture in Pregnancy & Childbirth’. Her website: has a lot of very helpful information and includes downloads of acupressure points and diet sheets.

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July 2010

Chinese Medicine - The Menopause

The Menopause is a transitional phase in a woman's life. Like all transitions it can sometimes be a bumpy ride and whereas some women welcome it with open arms, for others it is a more difficult experience.

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