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Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage has been working its magic since the first century BC. Said to have originated in India, it then arrived in Thailand, the creation of Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha. It has now come to Glasgow.

Blending Yoga asanas, orchestrated breathing and acupressure, the massage works on Thai 'sen' (energy) lines, similar to meridians. It sounds complicated but promises a lot.

Barney Green, the practitioner begins by taking a medical history. The aim of the treatment is to put the client - who remains clothed - into a state of homeostasis, or equilibrium, "which is where we want to be at all times" he says. "I'm assisting you to help yourself get well, and to relax, stretch, learn and remember to breathe," he adds. "Most people feel a deep sense of relaxation. You then find your energy will come through you so you will feel clear"

Thai Yoga Massage is not a strokey indulgence, but it can be interspersed with glorious moments of comfort. Pain can result from little used muscles coupled with stagnant energy.

From the start, Barney is in charge and hands-on. In one movement, for example, called a spinal twist, I breathe out and am pulled over by my wrist until my shoulder comes to the pillow and my spine is lengthened in a twist. Next I lie stoumach to mat, Barney working with strong hands and fingers on energy lines on the legs and back. Kneeling on my buttocks, he gently pulls me by my forearms into the cobra position.

Some areas - stomach and head - feel vulnerable, but I want to get the pain chased from my body so the number of "oohs" and "ouches" is promising. Closure is blissful on facial pressure points.

Barneys' humour and sensitivity enrich the session that he says "is for you to get back to you". It works.

L.F. The Herald 2005