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What is Chi Gung Tui Na?

Taoist Qi Qong Tui Na is a method for directly manipulating and releasing blockages in a patients physical, energy, emotional, psychic and karmic bodies.

Unlike Chinese medical Tui Na which is commonly available in the UK and is aligned with the Chinese Medical arts such as Acupuncture and Acupressure. Taoist Qi Qong (Chi Gong) Tui Na works directly with a patients energy, a highly experienced Taoist Qi Qong practitioner will directly manipulate and balance a patients Qi or Chi by pulsing the energy gates and energy centres of the body and effecting the spiralling energy pathways deep in the body.

An extremely powerful and yet gently therapy which involves gentle manipulation of the fingers, wrist and sometimes the feet and ankles. When receiving this therapy patients can experience sensations of heat or warmth, tingling and soft aches. Patients may also experience many other feelings or sensations during the course of the treatment and for several hours afterwards.

Taoist Qi Qong Tui Na can be helpful for patients who experience regular and sustained pain conditions, repetitive strain injuries such as carpel tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder, fybromyalgia, joint pain and stiffness and energy imbalances.

Available in Glasgow this Month

Ben Gilbert will be available for appointments here in Glasgow at the Consulting Rooms for one day only on Monday 17th January from 10am to 5pm. Appointments are 50 minutes long. For booking details click here or email for further details and to book your appointment.

Ben Gilbert

Ben spent many years with ascetic monk Tasi Lama in the Himalayas totally immersing in the day to day living realities of the ancient Bon and Buddhist traditions including the little understood Tummo practice.

Spent considerable time with Tibetan shamans learning unique circle walking techniques.

Trained and certified in Taoist water method chi gung and nei gung by Andrew Popovic and Bagua circle walking by Rob Willard.

Has run many treks through remote parts of Tibet and the Himalayas.

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