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Traditional Chinese Acupuncture is 4000 years old and has become a recognised and much used way of treating ill health and maintaining good health both physically and emotionally. It is a safe and hygienic treatment involving the insertion of hair fine needles into carefully chosen acupuncture points along the meridians or channels that run all over the body and house the flow of 'Qi' or energy which the Chinese believed our health depended on. Qi was thought to be 'matter' or energy and the basis of all things. If our Qi flows freely then we are well and symptom free but if it becomes restricted or excessive or deficient in some area then we may experience ill health ranging from physical to emotional symptoms.

Chinese Acupuncture treats each person individually and an acupuncturist will make a diagnosis based on your individual symptoms, history and signs such as pulse and tongue diagnosis. 4 - 6 treatments are usually considered an appropriate amount of sessions to address most issues, with lots of clients choosing to return for additional or maintenance treatments. An acupuncturist is trained to look at all aspects of your health and lifestyle and will offer advice and support in these areas.

Acupuncture can help with a wide range of illnesses and symptoms