Mother Hand Palming the Gallbladder


Shiatsu, translating as "finger pressure" is a holistic acupressure massage from Japan.

In its most basic form, Shiatsu is simply the application of pressure to the body via thumb, finger and palm. Pressure is applied to tsubo (acupuncture points) and along meridians to help harmonise the flow of Ki (energy) through the body.

Occasionally, elbows, knees and feet are used to deepen the pressure. Other Shiatsu techniques include stretching and light manipulation. Some practitioners may also heat tsubo using moxa (a smouldering herb which is used to warm tsubo) or apply magnets. Advice on diet, exercise and life style may be given. You can expect to feel relaxed or invigorated depending on what your body's needs.

Traditionally Shiatsu takes place on a cotton futon mattress on the floor. This allows the practitioner to effectively engage their hara (core/centre) when applying pressure. Clients remain fully clothed. No oils are used.

Wear light flexible clothing that will keep you warm such as leisure wear. Avoid heavy clothing, like denim, as it restricts movement and resists pressure affecting the quality of your session. It is best not to eat anything too heavy before a treatment though make sure you are not hungry either.

Seated Shiatsu

Seated Shiatsu treatments ease stress and tension and balance your whole body... they are a convenient way to receive Shiatsu as you are treated on a specially designed portable chair and can be treated practically anywhere.

Common Conditions Amenable to Shiatsu: